Self-Care Activities Every One Should Try

Self-care is set of deliberate action aim towards our mental, physical and spiritual well-being., because they are planned, we have a choice of either taking out time to do them or avoid them. We can come up with as many excuses as our mental, thinking and creative capacity can allow us to make.

Self-care activities shouldn’t be occasional or temporary, they should be constant and planned, and they should be an integral part of our routine.  Self-care activities should be adapted to habits so that they can become a part of our behavior.

These are my collection of some steps to promote self-care and self-love.

My self-care collection

Eat right – Eating too much or too little; both can lead to many health problems. Proportionate your meal, consume all according to your body needs

Eat Variety – Variety in fruits, vegetables, and even meat can add new colors and flavors to your life other than providing you varied nutrients which fulfills our body needs.

Meditate – Meditation leads to spiritual health, one of three determinant of health.

Breathe – Breathing relaxes your muscles and supplies our brain with oxygen. Take slow and long breaths while standing in a queue, making an assignment, having lunch.

Hydrate – Keep you body hydrated; this will keep you fresh and active.

Digital detox –  Set your phone and laptop aside, don’t watch television for a day, and if you like it make it a habit.

Be conscious – Don’t be self-absorbed and live in a bubble, notice your surroundings. Be aware!

Nature – Spend time with nature. Watching the sky at night or strolling in a park, tasks as simple as these can help you get fresh.

Try new things – Trying a new coffee brand, getting yourself a new haircut or taking a different route to college/office may seem little, but they leave a positive impact.

Spend time with yourself – Take yourself to a date to your favorite restaurant, park or museum.

Spend time with your friends – Catch up with your girl-gang or boy-squad, go out to watch a movie or play your favorite sports.

Revisit your memories – Go through an old photo album or Facebook memories; enjoy reliving good memories.

Flowers – Put some flowers in your room or on your office desk, make sure it is in your sight.

Clean-up – Do little clean-ups, get rid of an item you haven’t used in awhile and donate them to charity.

Pamper – Pamper yourself by going to a spa, or give yourself a massage or pedicure at home.

Move – Don’t spend hours sitting in one position, do some stretches while sitting on a desk or watching Netflix.

Hobbies – Adopt a hobby! Cooking, baking, learn calligraphy or painting, start writing, so many possible options. This will utilize your free time in most productive way possible.

Help someone – Help your neighbor unload grocery, volunteer for public services at an organization near or simply lend your ear to someone’s problem.

Gratitude – Appreciate and be grateful for little things in your life, this habit will make you positive.

Self-worth is an important aspect of confident and happy life whereas self-care promotes self-love and self-worth.